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About Melriver

Halfway between a creative studio and an agency, we are a young team of determined and passionate digital natives.

Our purpose is to build quality content through profound design aesthetics that let our clients build their brand and communicate around them in a distinctive way.

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What we do

Melriver Agency is an award-winning marketing agency that connects your brand to customers. We’re leading the way to garner attention by interacting with your prospect and offering them relevant content.


Melriver Studio crafts disruptive digital and physical products that solve real-world problems consumers face. We’re specialized in creating outstanding digital brands & experiences, and growing our project into independent companies.

How we work

We see consumers as people, not numbers. So we intentionally develop content as brand experiences that inspire, engage, and convert in an infinite loop.


We are a group of international strategic thinkers, design fanatics and tech enthusiasts who constantly challenge each other to create work that outsmarts the speed of the Internet, beats the standard, and inspires real people.

Awards & Press

SINCE 2015

Our projects have won numerous awards and have been seen many times in the international press.






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